trophy whitetail deer hunting in southwest texas

The Benefits of Hunting Trophy Whitetail On A Private Ranch

Hunting trophy whitetail deer can be a truly rewarding experience for any hunter, but it can be especially enjoyable on a private and exclusive high-fence ranch like TheRanch@Camp Ka Hui ‘Ana in Southwest Texas. With only four hunts available in 2023 (one sold – three left), this exclusive hunting opportunity offers a unique and once in a lifetime experience for those who value their privacy and are willing to pay a premium for an exclusive, three day, one on one hunt.

Privacy and exclusivity

Hunting on a private ranch ensures that you will be the only hunter on the property, allowing you to focus on your hunt without any distractions. This type of hunting experience is ideal for those who value their privacy and want to enjoy a quiet, relaxed and stress-free hunting trip.

High-quality trophies

The whitetail deer on this exclusive South Texas ranch are carefully managed and bred for size and antler development, ensuring that hunters have the opportunity to take home a truly exceptional trophy.

Convenient location

TheRanch@Camp Ka Hui ‘Ana is located 1 hour southwest of San Antonio, Texas near Millet, making it easily accessible for hunters from across the country. There is also a private airport near the ranch’s secret location and a helicopter landing area outside the lodge. This is especially convenient for those who value their time and want to make the most of their hunting experience.

Exceptional hunting conditions

Our high-fence ranch provides a secure and controlled environment for hunting, allowing hunters to experience exceptional hunting conditions and giving them the best possible chance of taking home a trophy whitetail deer.

Personalized attention

With one on one hunting, you will receive personalized attention from your guide, ensuring that your hunting experience is tailored to your individual needs and preferences. This type of hunting experience is ideal for those who want to make the most of their hunting trip and want to ensure that they take home a trophy they can be proud of.


For the distinguished hunter who values their privacy and is looking for a truly exceptional hunting experience, hunting trophy whitetail deer at on our private and exclusive Southwest Texas ranch offers a unique and once in a lifetime opportunity. With only three hunts left in 2023, this hunting experience is sure to sell out quickly, so be sure to book your hunt now before this season’s opportunities are gone!

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