TheRanch@Camp Ka Hui ‘Ana Unveils Personalized Retreat Experiences Amid Ancient Hunting Grounds in Southwest Texas

Nestled within 546 pristine acres of untouched beauty in Southwest Texas, TheRanch@Camp Ka Hui ‘Ana is excited to announce a unique retreat opportunity for individuals, couples, and groups seeking a personalized escape into nature.

Named after the Hawaiian term for “the meeting place,” TheRanch is steeped in a rich history that dates back over 15,000 years, lending a mystical aura to the property. The land, which had remained virtually untouched for nearly 50 years, has been carefully developed to preserve its natural beauty and biodiversity, making it an ideal backdrop for retreat experiences tailored to your personal needs and interests.

Owner Kevin Kersh, a retired Air Force veteran, speaks fondly of the land, “This land holds a special place in my heart, not just for its natural beauty, but for the memories of my father. I feel his presence here, guiding me as I make decisions for TheRanch. I believe he would be proud of what we’ve created.”

Whether your goal is wellness, creativity, personal growth, or just to enjoy a peaceful escape, TheRanch provides the perfect setting. Here are a few retreat possibilities:

southwest texas wellness retreats to nurture your mind and body

Nurture your health and wellbeing by meditating amidst the peaceful surroundings, taking long walks through the terrain, or savoring wholesome meals prepared by our in-house chef.

southwest texas art retreats for artists and painters

Art Retreat

Let the unique beauty and history of TheRanch inspire your creative pursuits. Bring your art supplies and let the serene landscapes and abundant wildlife fuel your creativity.

southwest texas writer retreat

Writing Retreat

Enjoy the tranquil space to work on your writing projects, enveloped in peaceful environment and inspiring views.

southwest texas wildlife and nature photography retreats

Photography Retreat

Capture the rich wildlife and scenic landscapes through your lens. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, you’ll find endless subjects for your photography.

southwest texas spiritual retreat

Spiritual Retreat

Connect with nature and ancient traditions in a setting that holds ancient history and spiritual significance. Meditate, practice yoga, or simply enjoy the silence.

southwest texas personal growth retreats

Personal Growth Retreat

Reflect, set goals, and plan your future amidst the peaceful surroundings. TheRanch is a perfect place for personal retreat focused on self-improvement and growth

Arrowhead Hunting

S D Charron, a professional photographer and filmmaker, and a guest at TheRanch, shared, “TheRanch offers unmatched opportunities for capturing wildlife and landscapes. The array of animals, from whitetail deer to rio grande wild turkeys, along with the spectacular sunsets, create a paradise for photographers.” Charron further added, “Finding an arrowhead after a downpour was a surreal experience, adding a unique touch to my visit. I could literally feel the spirits of ancient hunters around me. It was incredibly amazing and peaceful.”

Regardless of the chosen retreat, all guests will have the opportunity to hunt for ancient arrowheads, capturing a piece of history and creating unforgettable memories.

About TheRanch@Camp Ka Hui ‘Ana

TheRanch@Camp Ka Hui ‘Ana is a hunting ranch and retreat set amidst 546 pristine acres in Southwest Texas. The property offers exclusive hunting experiences on ancient hunting grounds and a variety of themed retreats designed to connect guests with nature, history, and themselves. For more information, visit www.theranchtx.us.

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