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texas Wild Turkey Hunt DROP NOTICE

The ranch has an abundant population of Rio Grande Wild Turkeys, so we are offer three wild turkey hunts for spring 2023 via a DROP!

How it works:

1. Sign up for the DROP.
2. We will notify you with the DROP date and time.
3. Mark your calendar and set an alarm!
4. When the DROP hits, hunt details, prices, dates and a BOOK NOW button will go live here on this page.
5. The first three hunters to book and pay their deposits will get the spots.

Three lucky people are going to get a very unique opportunity to hunt wild turkeys with us next spring!


Warren Blunzter

Wildlife Biologist & Consultant

Sheldon Charron

Marketing Consultant, Filmmaker

Camp 'Ka Hui’ Ana'
Hawaiian for “The meeting place”

"The very first time that I came here, I knew there was something special about this place. We numerous found artifacts - some dating back over 15,000 years. It became clear that people have been hunting and gathering here for hundreds of generations. There's something about this place that drew those people here and I feel it when I come here. Other people feel it too. I had several offers to sell the property, but felt that we needed to make it available for other people to see. One of the best ways to share it with other people was to provide hunting opportunities for trophy white-tailed deer."
~ Kevin Kersh